Brent Michael Kelley

Author of the Chuggie series (Mischief, Mayhem, Want and Woe) and Keep Away From Psycho Joe

Carl Moore was fantastic to work with. He is hard-working, courteous, and professional. He did such a good job narrating the first book in my Chuggie series that I asked him to do the second and third books, too. Some of the characters required a touch of special effects, and Carl knocked it out of the park, showing great creativity and flexibility. I highly recommend Carl Moore, and I look forward to working with him again soon.



Julie Harris

Author of The Longest Winter (Semi-Finalist, Best Kindle Book 2014) and No Exit (Semi-Finalist, Best Kindle Book 2012)

The hardest part of the audiobook process was choosing the voice. I wanted gentle, almost shy with a southern twang because that’s the voice I heard, many moons ago, when I was writing the story.

Carl got the job.

His voice was gentle, almost shy. Smooth. A voice you could listen to without becoming bored. He took the few hundred words of the audition script, and by the end I knew he was the one. I knew it would be the closest I would get to the voice I heard in my head all those years ago.

As the chapters came in, one by one, I found myself taken away into another place, and many times wondering, did I really write this?

Thanks Carl, for bringing The Longest Winter to life again.



M.S. Verish

Matthew and Stefanie Verish, married co-authors of Legend of the Ravenstone, the first book in the World of Secramore series.

We were struggling to settle on a narrator for our first novel when Carl Moore submitted his request to work with us.

The rest is history.

His passionate drive and wide range of character voices brought our book to life. The experience of working with him was nothing of a pleasure. A consummate professional, and he is highly recommended.